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If your toenail grows crumbly, ragged, discolored, or warped, you might have a toenail fungus that requires prompt treatment to keep it from spreading. At Lower Limb Institute in Hackensack and Edison, New Jersey, Mina Abadeer, DPM, can identify and treat toenail fungus quickly to prevent it from returning. Use online scheduling or call the office for toenail fungus treatment today.

Toenail Fungus Q&A

What are the symptoms of toenail fungus?

The symptoms of toenail fungus typically include at least a few of the following.

  • Toenail grows thicker
  • The toenail grows discolored (usually, yellow, brown, or white)
  • Streaks or spots of yellow on a nail
  • Nail starts to crumble
  • Nail develops ragged edges
  • Nail lifts away from the toe slightly
  • Nail starts to smell bad

Symptoms usually grow worse over time, and toenail fungus can spread to other nails, so it's best to seek help from Dr. Abadeer as soon as symptoms appear.

What causes toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus develops after fungi get into your skin or when the fungi naturally present in your body multiply too quickly. 

You can develop toenail fungus after walking barefoot in warm, moist places like swimming pools or using unclean pedicure tools. 

But, you can also get toenail fungus without any such exposure. The fungi that are naturally present in your body can grow quite rapidly when you confine your toes to moist, warm areas. 

Damp socks and close-toed shoes are both environments where toenail fungus can thrive, especially if you have certain risk factors like a weak immune system or diabetes. Toenail fungus can also spread from athlete's foot.

How is toenail fungus treated?

Toenail fungus treatment at Lower Limb Institute depends on the severity of the infection, how persistent the fungus is, and your specific needs. Topical or oral antifungal drugs are often very effective for toenail fungus, and other options may also be available. 

When the toenail is too damaged to salvage, Dr. Abadeer can perform debridement to remove the damaged nail, partially or completely. 

How can I prevent toenail fungus?

Once your toenail fungus is gone, you can take precautions to avoid a recurrence. Dr. Abadeer might recommend: 

  • Washing and drying your feet each day
  • Cutting toenails straight across, not rounded
  • Changing socks immediately if they're damp
  • Wearing shoes in all public environments
  • Not sharing nail clippers, emery boards, or other pedicure implements
  • Using antifungal powder or cream as recommended

Toenail fungus can be quite persistent, so it’s important to take fast action when you spot symptoms, and then take good care of your feet going forward.

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